ATTENTION: Are You SERIOUS About Working At Home?

Then Please Take a Few Minutes to Consider the Information Below!

"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle."
"We cannot solve the significant problems we face at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them." -- Albert Einstein

From: The Desk of Brian & Brenda Schaeffer
Subject: An Intelligent, Real, Income Earning Offer

Hi Friend,

This is a simple page to ask you one simple question. It will take only a minute or two of your time.

My name is Brian Schaeffer. My wife, Brenda, and I have been running a successful home business in southwestern New Mexico for over twenty years.

Right up front, I want to tell you that I'm not going to try to sell you anything or talk you into doing anything; that's not my goal here. My mission for this webpage is to present some solid and real Work-at-Home information for your consideration.

I'm sure you're a very intelligent person and can recognize a once-in-a-lifetime income earning opportunity when you see it, but if at the end of the next few minutes you feel that this just isn't for you or you're not ready for working at home, you may delete this page and we'll still part as friends!

If you are a Stay-at-Home Mom or Dad and would like to be a Work-at-Home Mom or Dad, or you're a person in need of an additional income...

And you'd like to learn more about having a business of your own that:

  • Gives you the ability to earn UNLIMITED INCOME with the Tax Advantage Potential of a HOME Business!

  • Lets you take CONTROL of your life and stay at HOME with Your Family!

  • Has...

    - NO Inventory at Home (or anywhere else for that matter) or Inventory Investment Required,

    - NO Deliveries made by You (all product is dropshipped straight to the purchaser),

    - NO Collections - Payment by the customer is made at the time of purchase

      (and YOU get the credit for the sale!),

    - NO Customer Risk - 100% Return Guarantee,

    - NO Employers - Stay at Home,

    - NO Experience Needed - Any Reasonably Intelligent Person Can Learn How to Work at Home,

    - 24/7 Online Customer Ordering without Your Involvement,

    - Toll Free Customer Ordering for those who aren't online,

    - a 50-YEAR Business HERITAGE - Solid, Reliable, Proven,

    - Pioneered, Patented & Proprietary Products, over 500 million sold,

    - paid $3+ BILLION in Commissions to People like YOU & Me!
then I have a question for you...

Just One Question...

"If there was a way you could earn a substantial income from your own home working with an honest and highly respectable company that has been helping associated home business owners for over fifty years with a solid, proven and successful business plan, and it could be done either part-time or full time as you choose, would you be willing to spend about 15 minutes over the phone with me to learn how it is done?"

If you answered "yes" to that question, then I'd like to talk with you.

Brenda and I are looking for serious home business builders, so...
The call would be at my expense.
You won't have to pay a dime to find out how this business could benefit you!

Please simply fill out the Contact Form below, and I'll email you to set up the call for a mutually convenient time.

Our Team PROMISES that we will DILIGENTLY WORK WITH YOU to Help YOU Create an Independent, Secure Income for A BETTER TOMORROW THAN YOU HAVE TODAY using The PERFECT Industry with The PERFECT Products at The PERFECT Time!

"Truth is what stands the test of experience." -- Albert Einstein

Brian & Brenda at the Grand Canyon in Arizona

Thank you for your interest and your time,

Brian Schaeffer
Certified Home Business Owner

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